Bref historique des Editions Delta
Editions Delta was founded in Brussels in 1976, with its primary activity being the publication of reference works on the European Union and its institutions (yearbooks, who’s who, monographies, etc.), gathered together under the name EuroReferences.

Today this series remains predominant among the publishing activities of the company. Publication takes place in two languages: English and French.

Editions Delta has been co-publishing books with a European character alongside the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities (Luxembourg) since 1980. In this context, Editions Delta also provides consulting services for European matters, and publishes studies on behalf of Community institutions.

Over the years, other sectors have been added to the publishing offer:

— a collection of albums for deaf children — La bibliothèque des signes ( "The sign library", in French sign language);

— gastronomy, with the Guide Delta, the oldest specifically Belgian hotel and restaurant guide (created in 1978 by Editions Delta) and, in line with this, recipe books by famous Belgian chefs;

art, with "picture books" mainly dedicated to Belgian artists;

institutional communication for organisations such as the European Parliament, the Brussels-Capital Region, political parties, etc.

Lastly, Editions Delta also has a "tailor-made" activity under the name "Système [D]" for the account of organisations or companies lacking the necessary infrastructure (universities, Reader's Digest, American Express, Van Buuren museum, etc.).

For this purpose, Editions Delta has its own integrated graphics workshop.